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Dispatch Creek

a. Dispatch Creek is approximately one mile long that dead-ends preventing proper tidal flow, which results in a body of water without oxygen. In 1994 Aerators were installed in Dispatch Creek to bring aquatic life back to the creek. Ocean Reef has spent almost $1 million installing a bottom and surface aerator system in order to oxygenate the water to allow plants and fish to flourish. DOD readings have gone from 0.5 to 4.18; DOD readings of over 4.0 indicate a healthy water life.

b. In 1999 barriers to the Dispatch Creek Slough were removed to further encourage proper water flow to Dispatch Creek. The old roadbed for County Road 905 was removed in certain areas, which allows water to flow from the bay side of Key Largo to the ocean side as it did prior to the state installing the roadbed. This project was completed in cooperation with the Audubon Society, who was interested in restoring the slough as a natural breeding area. The initial cost of this project was over $60,000.

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