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Sewer Plant

a. David became the first CEO of the North Key Largo Utility Treatment Cooperative in 1994. He oversaw a $3.4 million upgrade to increase its capacity to 550,000 gallons per day. In 2002, the collection system was expanded, with a $4.1 million project, to reach every home and business in Ocean Reef and eliminate the last cesspits and septic tanks. In 2010, a $14 million dollar upgrade to the plant was finalized to bring the system into compliance with new state mandates, which requires nutrients from the effluent to be removed to help protect the nearby coral reef.

b. In 1994, Ocean Reef installed a collection system in its marina. The marina had previously had one pump out station. The collection system permits every boat to utilize the sewer system at their slip without having to move, which significantly reduced the temptation of boat owners to illegally discharge their holding tanks. The water quality in the Ocean Reef has been tested by Monroe County and is constantly rated the cleanest in the Florida Keys.

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